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Originally Posted by bmwktmbill View Post
=Lc8grrr;20045395]Weak points.. take headache tablets with you, you will need them by the end of the day. Aluminium sidestand is prone to breakage near the top. Be carefull when putting the airbox back onto the carb boot as its really easy to overtighten the large hoseclamp and kink the airbox and get an airleak on the wrong side of the airfilter. They vibe as much as a 640, just to dispell that myth but the wide ratio box is much better. Check and replace the dry breaks as a faulty one will dump fuel onto the exhaust. Not good at all. I have found some plated brass ones from a GS parts online shop I'll buy one day. Bill look at the parts lists between an 03Adv and 03Rally (ktmpartfinder) the hi-flow head is the same except for the cam. I have a 22mm offset tripleclamp which is brilliant. The swingarm is 2" longer than a 640 so they feel a lot different. Ride and handling is superb. Depending on throttle use 700km range is easy

Thanks for the C head info.
Is the water pump on the balancer shaft because it would it turn slower?

The wheelbase increase is very interesting.
It won't turn as quickly, that's for sure.

How did they get the extra length?
Swing arm, steering head?

I think the waterpump is primarily packaging, it does take up some room on the side of the head. They just have a large alu bung in the head. The swingarm measures 2" longer. It feels longer and doesn't turn as well as a 640 but is much more stable feeling at any speed. The 640 has a big trailbike feel whereas the Rally is more like a 950 but dramaticaly lighter, even full of fuel. This is odd considering the 660 is almost 200kg when full.
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