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Big guy bike

Glad you liked the videos. Since you are a tall guy you should really try to find an HP2 to take a spin on. Fantastic dual sport for you stretched out boys! A little rough around the edges compared to a 1200GS or 800GS on the road but sweet in the dirt. The 800 is a lot less of a handful if you are big as well. The smaller bikes are certainly more capable than the F800 in the gnarly stuff but I find them cramped and I'm only 5'10" 220lbs. I did find the KLR roomier than the XR/DR and I've owned 2 of those and done a few cross Canada runs on them and they were OK on the highway. Did a 1200km day on a KLR once, worst part is all that pain is that I ended up in Winnipeg...I digress. I also have gotten used to having 80 horsepower and find the thumpers pretty anemic. Kind of a rambling response....

Originally Posted by Inniswhe View Post
I watched several of your videos great entertainment. We ride a little tamer but similar trails(less the sand pit) to your crew so I really appreciate your input.You guys have all of the bikes I have been considering except the x challenge which kiwi mentioned in hits post.
The more I look back on the transalp, I still really liked the bike in many ways just felt a better suspension was needed.I am 6'3",230 . Its been a while but I guess it was quite a bit lighter feeling than the heavy 1150. A friend still has one so maybe I will give it a ruin to refresh my memory off road.
One of the biggest problems I find as a big guy is that every bike feels to small and cramped until modified for fit so test rides at just a way to get an idea if there is potential
Actually I wasn't going to consider the f8 until I saw some of your videos and it appeared that the f8 faired about the same as the dr
and xr .
Do you give up much going to the f8 over the dr/ xr offroad ? It seems you have spent some time on all of these.

Like you I think I want that decent highway ride. I live in PEI so any tougher ie fun single track is at least a couple hours away in N.B.

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