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Well put, Wirespokes.

Common sense and periodic maintenance will go a long way in ensuring a trouble-free charging system. No matter what system you have.

One thing to be careful about on stator removal is when you are nudging it out of the timing case is to very gently push only on the iron stator laminations. Not ever the copper stator wires, or on the aluminum housing. The stator can be compromised, and the damage can be subtle and not show up right away. And put a thin film of grease or anti-seize on the joint between the stator laminations and the timing case cover. This will minimize future corrosion between these dissimilar metals.

Carry a proper rotor removal bolt. You can piece together something from junk parts that may work, but you can also screw the pooch. Bigtime.

If you seriously travel, tour or ride frequently, pick up a spare rotor. Even if you have a half-kilobuck ultimaet system. Rotors can and do fail.

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