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I'm wanting to push hard today. Get to the bottom and back up to catch the ferry.
I'm packed up and on the streets ready to ride before the sun has a chance to fully light up the world.

To save time I'm pulling out the camera on the fly.

It's not long before reaching Cabo. I don't stop here as the traffic is very congested and I know it's expensive, so I ride through till I find a place to get the bike down on the beach near the tip.

The bugs that hitched a ride.

I come off the beach and continue till I see a pull out where the surfers are waiting to catch a wave.

These guys approached me to see if I had a light for there hippy hay cigarette.

I'm starting to get pretty hungry when I spot this place in San Jose del Cabo.
The retired couple I met a few days ago at Baja Cactus had told me that I must try Birria.

Oh yea. If I knew how to prepare this stuff I'd probably own a herd of goats.

I grew up on a small hobby farm, we raised mostly goats. If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have minded the 3:30 am feeding of the animals. My mom treated them as pets so I had to make sure that I got an e-mail back to her that I just ate goat and it was delicious.

I'm pushing hard trying not to focus on time, but the heat has me convinced that it's getting late.

The to go menu.

This is tough, passing through towns that I want to explore. 8 days in Baja is not enough. I take a quick photos and keep moving.

It's not long and it's now 2:00. The ferry leaves in 3 hours. I'm not sure of the procedure to get on the boat, but I find the ticket building, stand in line and when I get called up to the counter the lady starts up with very fast Spanish, I say nothing but hand over my confirmation ticket. She then produces the real ticket, I don't have to say anything, she points down the road to where I have to enter. I'm confused because there's alot of large trucks parked but I find my way through to the port security and they assure me I'm on the right path.

It's obvious that I'm early as I watch some guy with a huge sledge hammer working out a dent or something on the floor of the boat. I'm called back to the security booth and am told it will be about 10 minutes or so.

An hour and half later I've gotten to know the security guards family by the pictures in his wallet and he's gotten to know about my trip from maps and GPS. They start this organized chaos of loading the big container trailers and then cars. All the bikes show up in one large group. Did they all have to wait somewhere else?

We're the last ones to get loaded on and were given instructions to ride down into the hull at the front of the ship.

We're told not to strap the bikes down and to hurry up.
I had reserved a cabin to ensure I get a good nights sleep and offered the extra bed to another traveler on his way to Peru.

We're out of our riding gear and find our way to the adult beverage cart and watch the ship pull away from the dock.

We make friends with other people aboard.

And they insist that we try their Tecate beer with chili powder.

The guy that offered up the chili beer is out cold before long.

I made sure to show him this picture in the morning.
The shower room.

The ship starts rocking pretty good and another moto traveler gets us all together. He's had a talk with one of the crewmen about tying the bikes down. He doesn't understand why we didn't do it in the first place. So we get a tour of the depths of the ship late at night.

For some reason the crewman leading us doesn't know his way around and now we get lost.

But then the upset lead man finds us (I guess he was asleep when he heard we where going down to tie the bikes up) and leads us to our destination.

The bikes get secured and now we can all sleep better.

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