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Originally Posted by kenhaw View Post
Hi Guys and Girls

Well it was not the clutch switch.
Still cutting out. Rpm drops to a 1000 or less coming to a stop pulling clutch, and engine dies.
It happens 3 times out of 5 so not fun.
Starts pretty easily afterwards and some times not.

Any ideas???

I guess something wrong with your idle stop screws.
When the engine is warm, the idle speed motor is fully retracted.
and the throttle plates should be stopped at a certain position, this is done by the idle stop screws.

when the idle stop screws are set at a to low hight then when you release the throttle.
The throttle valves closes to much and causes the engine to stall.
When the screws are set to high, the engines rev's will drop too slow (very high idle speed).

What you can check with a warm and idle running engine what the play is between the idle stop screw and the throttle valve.
And measure how much it is

What is the correct setting...? i really don't know the manual doesn't give that information.
But for safety reason i would maintain a gap of minimal 0,1mm to prevent a high idle situation.
'10 990SMT
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