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I figured they could atleast make a steady living, but it sounds like thats not the case and many of them go year to year without knowing where the next paycheck comes from, and some are even racing for no pay. Makes you wonder why some of them stick it out...
because they can. lot's of reasons but at the end of the day it's what they do. still probably a lot cheaper than a lot of other fruitless endeavors. even the small rigs in the pro pits are a LOT bigger than what a lot of guys raced out of years back. they might not be making any money but I think the sponsorship network still exists to the point where a pro rider who realistically isn't going to crack the top 20 can still "field a team" without breaking the bank. today's riders who become really good at the local level are lucky if they have 2-3 guys to compete with at a local race, depending on who raced where on any given sunday so you have to give the pro's who know they are on the bubble just to make the main credit for gutting it out and trying. once my riding days were over and I found myself in the Navy in my mid 20's I knew that I'd invested an awful lot of time in a very thankless sport but again, it's what they do. I knew after high school and I was spending my days and years just basicaly fucking off on a dirt bike that it wasn't going to last forever and to enjoy it while it lasted. I knew other people went on to college but I knew it wasn't for me and rding was. We have 2 local pro's here, one just turned, the other has been riding at the national level for a few years, and they happen to come from families that can afford their sons interest and don't mind doing it. a little help from sponsors and they get good deals on bikes and sell them after each season and while I couldn't afford it, they obviously can. maybe the LCQ's are the "best" races of the day in that those are where the most is on the line in some respects. why these guys compete is a fascinating topic and if it wasn't for them it would be awful boring to watch a 6 man moto. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever dropped my jaw like being in the first turn at Unadilla in 2009 and seeing a full gate of current pro's coming through the first turn in one wide open amazing mass of

awesome stuff.
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