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Originally Posted by ozmoses View Post
Obviously the graphic in that article is an artist rendering. To me the aesthetic seems bobber/cafe which I don't normally find appealing but in this case I actually do!

I recall a while back getting jazzed about the MotoGuzzi Cafe Classic. As soon as I found out the "carbs" were faux, the love affair was over. I'm just curious how this new Airhead will be handled.
The same... there's no way a modern streetbike that size will meet the emissions limits w/o fuel injection and a catalyst.

And your justification for falling out of love with that Guzzi is pathetic. Think about it... you could have had the looks of "retro" carbs, but with the advantages of fuel injection.

Sorta like marrying a pretty but penniless lady who likes to ride, and then she inherits a big wad of money.
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