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Hey guys. How are you all?

I get asked on a regular bases, 'how did you do it, how have you been finding jobs along the way?' Looking back it's a mystery even to myself. At the journey's beginning I easily became nervous every time I ran low on money. Well, I was always low on money. I mean I got nervous when I run below $120 dollars. Later, years into the journey, it would still happen, I'd still get into over-draft on my bank account, without knowing where my next job will be. But I wasn't worried about it so much. Something always came up and often in last minute. And I think the system I developed came out of necessity. I never said 'no'. First because I had to and later because I realised that something good always comes from saying 'yes'. So in the beginning, if someone offered me $3 dollars for washing dishes for an entire day, I'd say yes because I had no other option. Later I'd do it because I knew, something else would come out of it. For example I would meet the chef while washing dishes, he appreciates my work and let's me mow his lawn for $10. His neighbour would then ask me to throw his son's toy back over the fence. I'll make him curious because of my foreign look and sound, we get to talk and I end up working in his company as a well paid photographer for a while. Hah! I am off again with enough cash that keeps me going for a couple of months. So it was saying 'yes' all the time, even if that meant doing lots of crap for next to no reward and networking. I tried to get in touch with people who could make use of my skills way before I arrived at a place. I'd send emails, tell people about what I'm doing, share stories and when I arrived – there was no job! Almost always. BUT, I already knew people and the process of finding work was hugely sped up by that. There was one other thing that helped. More soon… gotta run.
This ^.

Always find a reason to say 'yes'.

Too cool - ride on.
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