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Originally Posted by Ciampa View Post
While focusing on the top finishers it's easy to forget that much of the field is only halfway through their race. Most of the bikes are in the thick of the hell right now, having been caught by the TTs. At least it's not foggy.


It's no fun being passed by this train during the night. The relentless TTs and buggies with their blinding lights and sirens.

No sh*t man. From the thread for Solo rider "frog" on 257x :

A post at 5:19am today:
I just got off the phone with the Frogger at RM 615.

He's had a rough few hours in the silt beds. Trucks going by causing him to hug the high silt bed walls or scramble out. Also his the starter fuse blew and he's been too tired to kick start it so he's using a pair of pliers to jump the bike to life. He's sounds good though and is in good spirits. They are working on the bike a bit. He's not at all injured, just sore. He needed a little sit down break anyway :)

He'll be motoring on soon.
a few hours later:
Frog hit Baja Pits here in Scorpion Bay at 7 30 Baja south time.
Bike was smashed. That TT hit him hard. Sub-frame was pointing to the sky, and pushed into the rear shock.
Matt was fine. He was way fired up about the whole thing. He will make he finnish just to kick the TT driver in the nutsĦĦĦĦ
Frog is still doing fine, last I heard he plans to finish just after dark!

I'm trying to find any sightings on 274x. Apparently not on this thread, but if not then does anybody know a better thread or site that is being updated with numbers that have been sighted???? thanks!
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