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I have a '98 XR650L and took it on a 4k mile loop up the CA cost to Seattle, then to Yellowstone NP to the CD trail. that was in 2011. It's loves the desert. California city, jawbone area, death Valley... it's in it's element. while on the slightly heavy side, IMO, for chasing dirt squrrles, it is a blast. super reliable, easy for 90% of repairs, engine has been unchanged for eons. That being said, if you do a lot of pavement riding, I'm doing more pavement than dirt lately, it is close to it's envelope. getting from point A to point B on the pavement can feel like you've been holding on to a blender full of ice . 65 to 70 mph is it's top cuzing speed, any more throttle the BRP (big red pig) just makes more noise. top speed is 95 on a good day, in a tuck with wind at your back. I bought a 2010 F800GS and took pretty much the same trip except hitting Glacier NP and no Continental divide route, in 2012 and found the 2010 F800GS is WAY more highway friendly, it loves the pavement. cuzes at 80 with out missing a beat, and VERY smooth. run it up to 100 and it can hum there all day long...Canyon cruzing and freeway flying? loves them both and makes both fun. Fire roads? OH YA!!! WOO-HOO!!! it can dance in the dirt, but take it on a single track and it will start to become work. it's like dancing with a big lady... you have to coax and conjole and finesse rather than power through stuff. and picking the F800 up is a after an oops is a BITCH...tipping the scales at 460LB + gear can be interesting on the side of a hill. I love them both. I am thinking of getting a Yamaha WR250F for more single track stuff, but that's just a dream. I find myself using my 800 more and more, especially since the price of gas is in the stratosphere as of late. I run the XR on desert days only now...... just my .02

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