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Hey Gasser, thanks for the info. I think I might roll out to BIPS this weekend to meet the guys and get the skinny on the ride, I'd like to join for sure. I have a place here in South Kona with a spare room and extra floor space if needed. Trying to decide between taking the DR 650 or KLX 250... whatcha think?
Some sections are a'a' lava rock rough...I recommend the 250...also if you can, just break one side of the bead on F/R tires and pour in a good amount of baby powder then bounce the deflated tire 15+ times to make sure the powder gets well distributed...make sure to use the talc compound powder...this will lube the tube (old MK200 trick) to keep it from getting square edge rock pinched...12-15psi will do the job...there will be a chase truck that you can toss in whatever you think you will need for the Lava Butt 400 that will finish at Steve Lau's house with a "benchracers BBQ" bring a camera or vid unit...see you the 23rd at BIPS for good fun ride times. ~Go faster than the crash~
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