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We were told they shipped yesterday.(We should get these 4 months later)

I am actually happy that you emailed them as It was the 5th time I had talked to them about this and it still hadn't been handled.

Its hard for us to get parts from the Manufacturer when there has been some communication and supply issues the past few months...


Originally Posted by gmtech View Post
Hi Zach,

I'm investigating on what has happened here. I should have some answers for
you tomorrow.

Appreciate your patience with this issue.

Regards, Wayne.

Safari Fuel Tanks
R & V Aqualine Industries
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Carboor VIC 3678
PH. +61 3 5729 5556
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From: zach blair []
Sent: Tuesday, 16 October 2012 7:30 AM
Subject: Safari Tanks: wr250r 3.7g tanks

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
zach blair <>

i ordered one of your 3.7gallon tanks for my yamaha wr250r from sept2nd they told me they had the tanks in stock but the
"hardwear kit was missing and they had to order it from you and it would be
4-6 weeks
i called them back today 10-15 they said it was still not in and it would be
another 4 weeks. and that is all they could tell me.
Could you verify this with me and inform me what the hold up is?

if its this easy to get ahold of aqualine and they are willing to ship to whereever whats the hold?
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