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Getting going on day 2

Sunrise the next morning, 6:33AM (time change happened that night) and 44 degrees

That was a long night. Biggest problem riding alone in the winter is that there's just nothing to do once it gets dark. Nobody to shoot the shit with, and if you didn't bring a book the 13 hours of darkness gets pretty damned boring.

Beatys is looking good

I found that road I was looking for, it was a bit west. It turned out to be nothing but a track for ranchers to maintain the water troughs.

Headed out Long Draw via Acty to go into Nevada, was going to check out Thousand Creeks Gorge.
Vid of road heading toward 140

Gorge in the distance

I didn't really understand where I was going and couldn't get close to the gorge. I've figured it out now, maybe next year.
Took 140 east to Denio Jct, had a good opportunity to see what the BRP would do. Looks like 95+

On another ride in this area last June the bike was running terrible and was just jetted way too rich. Also, the thing had a hanging high idle. The other XR we had along on that ride ran much better and didn't have the idle issue, even though the jetting was exactly the same. Before I sold that extra XR I swapped carbs and it made my bike work much better. Another ride in August from Bend to Paisley and back proved that though it was better, it was still just too rich. I found a jetting chart and sure enough it recommended two steps down from what was in there, so a 170 instead of a 175, and I just happened to have one in the toolbox.
With that change, the bike runs PERFECT at the 4000+ foot eastern and SE Oregon elevations. Probably better than any other dirt bike I've ever had. Its amazing.

Gas in DJ (58 degrees, 9:30), then over to the Trout Creek Mtns

And finally up in the burned stuff. And some snow

The riding was amazing. I haven't had that much fun on dirt roads in a long time.
A bit of vid

More pics

Sweeping west to east, looking south

And more

Headed to Disaster Peak Road. The poof-dust filled ruts were terrible

McDermitt for gas, food, and phone calls. Weather was amazing. 68 degrees, 11:50.
Diesel at $5 a gallon!
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