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Shinko 700 report

Originally Posted by hrothgarbike View Post
I have logged a bunch of singletrack miles on a Mefo Explorer. All on the WR. It is my favorite 50/50 tire. The 606 and Mt21 are my favorite street knobbies. I have a buddy that swears by the Pirelli Mt43 on the highway. I think that will be my next experiment.
That Shinko 700 may be a fine tire for some uses, but on this bike, in these conditions, under my ass, it was not so great. Very unpredictable breakaway in a slide, and really just not that much traction in the dirt (that was to be expected when comparing it to a knobby tire).
Further, after a highway speed pavement run, the tire was pretty hot. All loaded up and running 18PSI, maybe that was to be expected too.

Still, I'd pick it for the NW Cal mostly-pavement ride I had bought it for (and didn't do). It worked fine on pavement and well enough on dirt, and is cheap.

I've run the 606 in this area and didn't care for it, either. The only tire I've used so far that I really liked in these conditions was the Dunlop 952. The next one I'll try on the XRR is a Dunlop MX71.

YMMV, blah blah blah.
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