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Leafman!!! thank you for!!!

Akra system is too expensive... here in Brazil, found it for U$ 3200.00 .... and not in stock.... this isn't a deal!! I thinking about to get a LeoVince (Snooker advice - and liked it cause of the possibility of changes in exhaustion) or to built one rally look exhaust (I do preffer) in a bike shop here...
I'll try the KN... will get an UniFoam later.... Any subjections about KN ?

I tought something about to made an scoop on the air box.... can you post or pm a pic of yourS? is it inside the fairing ?

Why the 17 sprocket? the engine got too brute ?

Daniel, hey man !

Yes, I agree the Akra is crazy expensive. The Lleo V should be just fine. I have used them on other bikes.

My scoop is something I fashioned under the plastic cover that allows a direct shot of oncoming air into the filter.

I don't know about the K&N. I've used them many times on different bikes but they were all street bikes. I have read and heard stories about them not filtering as well as many people think.

The Uni foams are supposed to be as free-flowing as K&N and they are supposed to filter better, epecially in heavy dirt/dust situations.

I LOVE the 17T sprocket. My engine pulls hard down low. I use my XCo as a dual-sport. To me, that means street and dirt. I run it regularly on single track trails and dirt roads but I also use it as somewhat of a sport bike. I also use the XCo for long distance trips.

The 17T sprocket is awesome. Of course, the prime benefit of the bigger gear is for high-speed running. It helps the motor settle-down into a more-relaxed cadence.

Although, I do not use the bike as a pure dirt bike for severe off-road situations, it does surprisingly well on dirt with the 17T. I rarely bog down for want of a lower gear and, it allows me often to avoid having to shift gears.

Yes, if you want to run hard-core dirt trails, rock cliffs or clay pits etc, or like to make jumps into the air, a smaller sprocket would obviously be better. For me, the XCo is not the bike for that.

Anyway, the best advice is -try it. Satisfaction no doubt depends on a person's riding preferences. Several of my friends have reluctantly tried the bigger cog and they have all kept with it.

This is the sort of off-road running I do and the 17T works great-

After that, I can then run the twsities -

Or, run 8-10 hours on the interstate ( and 80 would be slow, lol)-

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