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Originally Posted by Avner View Post
My problem with it (other than being spoiled) is that when I ride with full panniers and camping gear at 65-80mph on the 650 it is hard to stay ahead/between traffic pockets, and you are really "working it" plus being blown from side to side with wind-gusts and 18 wheeler. I've done it many times - yes, but I rather be on the 800 on long slab days.
I can't argue with anything you've said.
I guess I prefer different types of travel and avoid the scenarios regarding traffic and higher speeds you've described at all costs.
I have changed to soft panniers and lighter camping gear/carrying less items as well.
One mistake I made with my 800 was being realistic in it's overall abilities. It was an okay bike in a transitional (bike) time of life for me, but I'm much happier with the thumper, and I'll admit my surprise about that.

Multiple bikes is where it's at if you've got the option. I'm still not there yet.
Still haven't bought a personal vehicle for hauling my bike either, so a thumpin' I will go!

Hey Frank.
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