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October 20, 2012

Riding near my Mom's house in Greenup County. I was enjoying the weather, riding to old local areas that I had not been to in a long time. County roads like route 1, route 5, route 7, Schultz Creek, Tygart, and the ride “Up Rocky”. I rode a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed up this road as a high schooler to visit a friend and also to see his younger sister. Her name was Renee Dalton, I don’t know what happened to her but someone said she married a dentist and got fat? It was maybe 15 miles one way on a bicycle and we considered it an ADV ride. Renee’s father took us on 4 wheeling rides in an old Willie's type Jeep. No window in the front he would just drive over small trees. The father told us a few facts of life. Never stick your finger where you can’t stick your thumb. If you get caught, lay low, keep your mouth shut and never admit to anything. Amazing how random people in your life leave impressions. I hope I don’t leave to many bad impressions.

Every valley is typically occupied by home sites, the real estate values deteriorate as you progress up the creeks. Locally you would call this a “hollar”. I have friends to this day that still live up on Slash Branch, which sits between Smith Branch and Grey’s Branch. Locals would say that Mearl Jean Allen lives up the hollar on Slash Branch. The right hand side hollar when it splits is the republican side and the left hand hollar is the democrat side, or it used to be when I was growing up there over 30 years ago.

The smells are distinct; hay, manure, skunks, water. The air temperatures changes 10 degrees from the open valleys into the twisting creek banks and rivers. Signs proclaiming Jesus is Lord, First Baptist Church, 4H, FFA, reelect Sherriff Joe dot the road sides. Really not a lot of presidential signs. Always small local volunteer fire departments are located in each small community. A lot of used fire equipment ends up at these small rural fire stations. Creeks and farm land continue for miles and miles. I never appreciated these back roads as a kid for what they were really meant to be; riding a motorcycle. Fall colors just kick ass, huba huba!

Stumbled across this ride report a while back. Great stuff here.
Thirteen Bridges Tour (and a few hot chicks) - Kentucky Covered Bridges

So why did they make a roof over bridges? I was told as a kid that horses would not cross open bridges. I found out later it was to preserve the wood and foundation. Many succumbed too floods before they wore out. I’m sure the horses liked though right?

I believe there are three covered bridges in my home county, this one is considered a cat daddy.

Not trying to be a hater here, but why is it when a guy and a girl on Harleys pass another rider standing by a covered bridge in a remote part of the county they will not wave? I would also say that 50% of the time, Harley riders will not wave at you as you ride past? All other riders give me the wave? Just saying.

Oh yea, I got to call him on a one here. He dabbed, which in moto trials is a mark against you for putting your foot down while riding a section. My right hand proudly displayed his one mark, this pansy pathetic right foot dab received the mandatory ADV salute from me as he thundered off. Someday I want to install a diesel type air horn on Jo Jo.

Kentucky pure bred farm horses are always majestic in a rural setting like this. Most of them are pampered pets.

Visit our cemetery. Locals take great pride in maintaining the grave stones, they visit their dead regularly.

Visit my Dad for a bit. Wonder what he would say to me right now? My Mother lives on.


Tomorrow is another day of Kentucky back roads rambling. I visit a friends farm from our past glory days.

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