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Originally Posted by jimco View Post
Some of you might remember this from a couple of years ago. It happened in Arizona.

This is the problem with legalization and not having any legal limits defining impairment.

The guy above was "a little impaired" according to one juror, but he killed 4 and injured others.

I realize meth and pot are different, but I think before pot is legalized we need to define impairment.

Remember the inmate (in his truck, luckily) who was hit head on by a woman high on pot just a few months ago? Was she "a little impaired?"

Just my $.02.
That kind of false equivalency drives these movements.

Cops are trained to perform roadside sobriety maneuvers. If they can't establish an individual's impairment with those tests, they need to move along. Sure, roadsides are voluntary. Nonetheless, they are available to request and plenty of other observations are available.

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