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Originally Posted by brainfreeze View Post
+1 +1 +!1 I have the hyperpro. Love it. Easy to install.

I wrote this on another forum months ago...

I have a 2012 1200gsa. Two of the most important additions I put on the bike are the Hyperpro Steering damper and an Aeroflow touring windshield with Saeng edging across the top. Here is my review on the Hyper pro steering damper.

I started using steering dampers years ago. This is for safety and they make the bike much more stable. They improve riding comfort and control. I got my 1200GSA and was pretty pleased with the stability except for on the highway in traffic. On the highway, especially behind trucks, turbulence was moving the bars back and forth. I ride relaxed btw.

Ordered the hydro pro from EPM Performance. Call them and they will help you get the right setup. 877-786-6543. Cost $503 delivered.

You will receive a damper and a bracket kit for your bike. The first bracket kit I got, the heim joint ball was frozen. EPM sent me another one, no problem.
The install is very easy. Took about 30 minutes.

The damper basically does nothing until you need it. It has 22 click settings for soft damping to harder damping. 1 being the lowest. I set mine on about 8 clicks. Have not changed it since.

Result- The bike is not bothered or effected by truck turbulence. It feels the same as it does by yourself on a country road. It just feels more controlled and stable overall. You feel the beating on your shoulders, but the bike could care less. Gravel road riding is much more controlled now. You also get the safety from not getting tank slappers.

This addition took a great bike and made it much better. I would definitely buy it again.
How is it at parking lot speeds...?
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