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Neck brace compatible + a few other thoughts

I have a Kevlar mesh jacket and pants from Motoport. I really like the security the jacket offers, but do wonder sometimes if the armour might twist out of place in a crash. The pants are bulky and hotter than my Klims, so I only wear them on longer trips. A few comments:
  • I think the kevlar mesh is brilliant! It feels bombproof and flows lots of air, which is great for me in Australia.
  • I sometimes take the armour out and use a pressure suit/ knee guards underneath. Being able to do this is important to me on desert trips.
  • I wear a Leatt neck brace and to be honest its a bit of a pain as the jacket doesn't have the optional cut out for a neck brace. I would really like a neck brace compatible jacket and like the way the Leatt jackets cover the brace. That said it would be good to be able to use it without a cover as well to flow more air.
  • T-Pro would be good, but please include some chest/rib protection. I think the coverage offered by Forcefield with their Adventure harness is great for this.
  • The suit is not the most flattering thing to wear, especially with my beer gut . A bit more shape/style would be good....
  • Pants in the boots or pants out of the boots? I'm starting to think pants over the boots is a dumb idea.
  • I layer up with outdoor gear if it's cold, and just chuck a waterproof jacket over everything if it rains. Liners seem silly to me, I'd rather keep everything dry.
  • Tasteful colours and not many logos would be good.
  • Kevlar thread seems a very good idea.
If you can produce a good 2 piece suit that takes account of the above I would buy it in a shot .


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