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yeah, I too prefer the points even though I have had this issue, and I prefer to keep things stock. I just chalk it up to the bike having sat for say 20 plus years and I think I should be good to go now. The idea that I could do this on the road side in thirty minutes is a big plus for me and now I know the symptoms. By the way, the condenser tab was in place and still touching the contact inside because of the metal bracket that supports the rubber boot that the points wire rides in. I was still getting spark but not nearly fat enough. I thought when I was checking things over and messing with the carbs so much that the spark from the plug looked a little anemic but I thought it was just me. Because I am the one that got the old girl running in the first place, one of the first things I did when I got her home was to get a new battery and turn her over a few times with the plugs laying on the jugs so I could check for spark and look into the plug hole for any movement and do my Kentucky compression test! I really think that the time I spend in the garage "looking" at my equipment helps to troubleshoot and repair down the road because I kinda know what to look for...even though I had to ask you guys this time.

The bike seems to run better than it ever did and I may think about adding the booster in the future. As for the parts, they were ordered from BMW in August of this year and I did get the crappy points set from China, at least that's what it said on the box, the points, who knows, no markings. I will reorder some of the good ones next week! This place is an invaluable tool for old wrenches and quite the community that I refuse to live without! Good day gentlemen, I am going to ride my airhead!
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