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I must have slept very well as I hear my roommate stirring around and ask what time it is.
8:00. We must be getting close. Meals are provided aboard and we get breakfast and go outside to look around.

The crew is out working.

Bubba Gump out earning their paycheck.

Mazatlan getting closer.

Birds showing us the way in.

It's 11:00 when my wheels touch solid ground. It's hot.
It's 190 miles from Mazatlan to Durango.
I'm told it will take 5 to 5 1/2 hours to get to Durango following the Espinazo del Diablo so my plan is to get a place outside of town for the night. But for whatever reason I start riding, maybe the call of the road. As I start to get into the mountains the clouds give the appearance it's getting late.

I keep my eye out looking for a hotel and see plenty, but the road won't let me stop, I keep riding.

The Espinazo del Diablo takes me to an elevation around 8,000 ft. Depending on where you get your research there's an estimated 2,000 to 3,800 curves depending on where they started to count. I got to 31 before I got distracted by the large trucks coming down the mountainous curves taking up both lanes at full speed. The squeal of the tires and the rubber left behind them in each turn has my attention, this is why this road is dangerous I suppose.
But it's still a motorcyclist dream ride.

Just moments before I reach the pullout this truck has a close call with the Diablo.

He says that he had a blow out, but then says "I was stupid, I was going way to fast".

The tree is holding him from taking a plunge down the side, to how deep I don't know, we're above the clouds now.
I make sure he's alright and if he has some friends coming to get him.

I wish the guy luck and tell him I'm glad he's alive and with a hand shake I leave.
I continue the ride when it feels like something bit me on my leg, I look around and see nothing but notice the bike is making a weird noise, it seems to go away when I'm easy on the throttle, but that's hard to do on this road. I cough it up to low octane fuel but after a little while I can't concentrate on anything else but the noise.
I stop to inspect the bike and discover this.

Chain guide came off and now the chain is wearing into the swing arm.

I limp into Durango to find a place with wifi, but the sites have distracted me and I forget what I'm looking for.

It's not long before I'm completely turned around and riding in a circle around town. I spot an auto hotel at the end of town but figure they probably won't have wifi as they rent their rooms by the hour. After an hour a Best Western sign comes into view. I decide not to try and bargain shop for hotel prices, I need to get this part and having wifi is going to help.
I email a friend back home to see if he has any advice or words of wisdom on a cheap fix. He replies "you know there's a TSB on that", and offers to send me his old one.
I tell him he was suppose to tell me about that before I left .
I also went out to the ADV community to ask about shops in the area.
That's when SR chimes in and tells me he's in LA right now and can pick one up for me. That sounds like a great plan. He'll be back in town in a couple of days so that gives me time to walk around and explore the city. He gives me some ideas of some sites to visit and where I can go and eat.
The ADV community is an awesome site. No matter how big or small the trip is, there's somebody willing to help, and the world doesn't seem so big.

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