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Well,that came to an abrupt end........
Currently back in England recovering at a cousins after a week from hell!
I got back to my friends in Denia,Spain around 2PM Sunday,shaking,partly from cold,mostly from food poisoning.
Got everything 'hooked up'(it's a holiday villa),and straight into a hot bath as my core was way to cold.Being a
Sunday,i'd to wait until Monday for medicine,so it was heater on,and straight to bed.Well,i was out of bed at least
once an hour with the 'runs'.For the best part of a week i've been pissin' through my ass,not holding fluids at all!
One thing i've learned living in the Arizona desert is about watching the colour of your urine,an indicator on body
hydration.I was onto level orange,and even through i was drinking plenty,i was really needing on a drip!
Monday.Down town to a chemist,got the essentials,started popping pills and drinking some sort of recuperation
cola they gave me.Rain had now come on,for what was to be torrential for the next 48hrs,but being stuck in bed
it didn't matter.
Wednesday.Time to be the bike into the villa and travel to Barcelona for Thursdays flight.Thought i'd better say hello
to the elderly Dutch neighbours,only to be told Spain was shut down on General Strike! So there was no way of getting
north,so taking the bike was the only option(i noted during a major strike,i swines on the peage toll booths dont walk out,
typical......FORTY FUCKING EUROS between Valencia and Barcelona,more than the total cost of off!!!!
So,now at a city where a riot is happening,no toilet cleaners at work,equals no toilet rolls,so i camp out at a McDonalds
at a mall until late,then back to the terminal.Find a safe(ish) place to leave my bike,strip it down(all the stealable stuff!),undo
the battery and head in to sleep on the terminal floor for the night.Seemingly you are not allowed to sleep there,but after having an argument with a complete prick of a security guard,he walked away and left me.The country in in lock down,riots
in the city centre,what are you supposed to do?(the airport is well guarded!).Anyway,4AM,this prick arrived back only to kick me in the ribs to wake me up.......i've never come as close to seriously assaulting someone!There was no need,Easyjet
doesn't open until 6AM,and my flight wasn't until 11.30AM! Some people really are in the wrong job,and Spain running at 25%
unemployment,that guy is needing fired,there will be plenty takers for his job!
Half eleven came and went,plane delayed due to French industrial action(this is why all these countries are going bust,controlled by a bunch of Socialist arseholes!).Eventually land in Luton,England for to discover the final insult,Easyjet
had left my luggage in Spain.I wasn't even angry,i sort of guessed it would happen,i was even joking with the cute little Spanish Vet i was talking to.As Easyjet offer 25GBP a day for "essentuals",i though,i going to rip the piss right out of this
new underwear,razor blades,socks,bath towel.......bought 50 Quids worth of stuff.......the receipts are on the way to them!
So,who can explain how a week can so well,only to be followed by the 'week from Hell'!Certainly made me think about my Argentina trip a lot more.
Aprt from a run down of everything,that this trip over for now,but as it was "Morocco and Beyond",the next stage will be
updated when it happens,i'll post it when it does.
To be continued............

Even though seriously ill,and trying to get back to the ferry to Spain from Melilla,i still had to stop and take in this great road,the road straight north from Taza(mislaid my map for the road #).
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