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Back on the Farm Today

Day 5

October 21, 2012
Kentucky Ramblings

Went for another spin on Jo Jo. She seems very at home here in Kentucky.

Ha, insert a picture of your farkle queen here. Come here and ride someday, do the covered bridge tour eh?

Spent a bit of child hood here with my neighbor and friend still to this day David. This was his Grandpa's farm. There have been a many groundhogs shot here here eating the soy beans. I bucked hay here as a high schooler.

Place has been abandoned a long time.

Bird nest. This has to be a country club place to live if youíre a farm bird.

Take the KLR for a ride down by the river. 10 seconds for self timer here.

Run Ateam Run.

I sent David an email and asked about his Grandparents?

  • What was the name of your grand parents?
  • Did your grandpa live there a while alone? I'm thinking she died before him?
  • When did she die and when did your grandpa move out?
  • Did he die there or what?
  • I would think over 25 years ago?
  • Did your grandpa work on the rail road?
Just looking for a bit of history here. After visiting your Dad and Mom, I felt like I needed to go there and visit. Knowing that your Dadís days are numbered, I found my self emotional standing on your Dads porch. He was always a stud and could hit a golf ball with a baseball bat nearly across the Ohio River. Looking around the old farm house, I felt like I was looking at a Mayan or Anasazi kind of deal. Like they just left. Dishes in the sink, a bible, shoes on the floor. Really no vandalism at all but soon to fall in. Maybe the next heavy snow? Could still be standing in 20 years but I doubt it.

His response:

1. My Grandparents names are Howard and Sena Burke
2. Yes he lived there a short while after my Grandmother died. He mainly lived in Florida but then came back home and stayed with my family and my Uncle's family until he died.

3. My grandmother died on my birthday, Nov. 17, I think 1984. Grandpa didn't live in the house much after that.

4. Grandpa moved into the retirement home in South Shore for a short while before he passed. He had a heart attack with my Dad and Uncle Howard there visiting him. I'm glad they were there.

5. Grandpa died around 1986 or 87.

6. Grandpa worked as a farmer and a Rural Letter Carrier (mailman) during my lifetime. I do know that he worked for the railroad as a security guard during WWII. His job was to guard the RR bridge that crosses the Ohio River at Siloam. His main occupation was farmer.

In a few days I leave for southern climates and maybe a storm or something to boot?

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