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Originally Posted by disston
add a Booster because the points will last for a long long time with a Booster and the condenser is not used with a Booster.
Per Dyna's instructions, the stock condenser is still to be used with their Booster. It serves as a connection poibt between the engine wiring harness and the points wire. Used with a Booster, the condenser leads an easier life since it doesn't have to absorb the voltage spikes from the coil primaries. Good idea to replace it when the Booster is installed.

Originally Posted by woodly
yeah, I too prefer the points even though I have had this issue, and I prefer to keep things stock
It does make the points last indefinitely, though the rubbing block wears with use and you have to periodically adjust the point gap and refresh the point lubricant. As the rubbling block wears the ignition timing drifts "retarded" and this can be seen with a timing light. And if you do have to revert back to points-only all that needs to be done is to switch two wires under the tank. The BIG advantage of the Booster besides point life is that the "dwell" (which determines the magnetic saturation of the coils before they fire) is determined electronically by the Booster instead of mechanically by the points and point cam, so that variable is eliminated.

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