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Originally Posted by brewtus View Post
Bummed to hear about your get-off, but don't. Ever. Give. Up. Ever.

Or I'll sic Gordy on you and believe me boy, you don't want that. Ever!
I wore a brace for a few months after my 7 months off last time... then moved onto a soft compression type one with metal hinges. All was ok and to be honest i doubt a full brace would have helped this time as the force was straight up my leg... no twisting involved.

Long story short me and the bike were heading backwards and unfortunately my foot jammed into something stopping it and my lower leg dead... the weight of the bike, me and the rearward motion just kept pushing and my knee popped. Thankfully it then popped back in again so not as badly damaged everything else anywhere near as bad as last time.

Moral of story for me... i've gone to twinshock to lesson the severity of the sections i should ride, but was out riding with 8 guys all on modern bikes!! I was the only one to clean the section as it stood and then decided to take it up a level... and here we are again :)

I will ride again but will leave it for longer and concentrate on strengthening the joint more, and yes i will use a brace from now on :) Great thing hindsight....!
But only myself to blame, both for the section i was trying to ride, the crash and also the lack of brace.
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