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Well, I got Lesser Farms, I just don't have the picture yet. Surely you'll trust me on this?? It's a long story.

I took off nice and early today to grab the tag: no Gerbing, Goretex, or heated grips; just good old Thinsulate, leather, goose down and ballistic nylon. Yeah! Now on my way out to the tag I saw another really cool tag to shoot. I parked the bike, jumped off, and reached for my backback to get the camera. NO BACKPACK! I packed the camera in the morning, but took off without the backpack in my haste to get going. Well great, I guess I'll just salvage the morning by doing a ride with no tag. Then I decided to stop at Meijer's and buy a cheap or disposable digital camera. Well, you have to mail in the disposables. Who knows how long that might take. O.K., back to plan B: just ride. I did go right by the Lesser Farm and several other cool potential tags as well. Then I started thinking (watch out). I'm really close to my buddies house. I'll stop in and say hi, and if I'm lucky he'll have a digital camera for me to borrow. I did and he did, so I went back and shot the tag plus a new one. Then I turned around and headed back to my friend's house to return the camera. He told my he could E-mail me the shots. While thanking him for the use of his camera, he informed me that he could get the pictures to me right away - right away on Monday! He has no internet at home.

So there you have it. There is plenty of time for someone to get the last tag. The weather is great. If no one gets it before Monday, it's mine. That was my adventure for today.


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