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Today Iíve got to have a cruise on the Bay: my hotel will keep my luggages till noon. Before 8 am Iím ready at the dock

my ticket clerk comes to me immediately

Ok so is how it works: youíve got to buy a ticket to visit caves and from the number of stop this people arrange the trip with the ship. In fact the panel with prices and itinerary is a little bit difficult to understand for western tourists

Legend says that while Vietnam people were fighting against chinese Army in the bay of Halong Divinity sent some dragons and they began to spit diamonds that became rocks touching the water: so a barrier was created against the invaders and they remained to this day

on my boat there are just two families and a couple


the bay is amazing

At the first stop I had a picture with this ( I think) High school/First year university class and they applaud to me when I gave my camera to the teacher...ok some minutes as a rock star!

first of my two visit to the caves

a stop to visit a barge of fishermans

ok Iím postin a lot of pics but the Halong Bay is something Iíve never seen before

With a japanese accuracy, the boat bring us back at noon and I get my bike to go to take luggages and come back in Hanoi

first of all the lunch

Just 40 km ( 25 miles) before Hanoi, along an highway, two cops on motorbike stop me. With some english words they let me understand that this strech of the road is forbidden to motorbike. They had check just the motorbike documents and after they showed to me (with the cellular phone) an alternative route. I gesture to them my intention to go to the next exit and then go to the right road. Surprisingly they indicate to me the previous exit , about 80 mt (500 yards) back: wrong way down on a highway ? Ok Itís better to push the bike. They make no non with heads and hands. Just start the bike and drive...ok the police said so and I did in this way, wrong way down both, road and exit. Ahhh Vietnam.
Back on the right road I stop to a little motorway cafŤ can always find one under the bridges of the street.

First thing when I arrived in Hanoi was to fix better the seat. The Flamingoís mechanic seeing the pillows undertand my problem. They solved it with 5 $ ( 3,9 Ä). They cutted an used seat and had fixed the pad on the seat. Brilliant: I have now this in Italy: a great souvenir.

Today is Friday first of june and Iíll begin my trip to the south of Vietnam. I donít know if will possible complete the come and back Hanoi-Ho Chi Min City, but in case of lack of time, the Flamingo Travel can arrange the drop off of the bike and Iíll can come back to Hanoi with the night train from Ho Chi Min City in 36 hours.
To reach Ho Chi Min City I decide to follow as much as possible the Ho Chi Min Trail. This was a group of road (about 10) tha allowed the North Vietnam Army to transporte to the south armies and any kind of support to the military operations in the south during the Vietnam War. ...for more informations please click

The trail run very close to the Laos border and in the mountain

I can rest for the breakfast: for sure the Trail will be marked in a cleary way

After 70 km (43 miles) I donít know where Iím: ok lost in Vietnam. I can take it easy: nobody is coming along this road.

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