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But it appears a women on a scooter and I stop her. With map and phrasebook she understand . She gesture to follow her and so we arrive to a crossroad. Here she indicate to turn right and go to Cho Ben and in Cho ben go to left. Ok very nice.

In this little city, I saw an internet point and with google maps I notice that the women was exact

snack stop

No school club: kids stay with the parents while they’re working

It’s going dark so I stoped in Bai Tranh

I found a Nha Nghi: on the signal ther’s the write Massage, but I didn’t notice at my arrival.

After dinner one of the girls that are working here comes back: ohh she washed hair and had dress ch’ange: maybe she’s meting with with some friends.

She sit at my table. With phrasebook I try to ask if she’s going to dance. No she answer to me hammering softly my knees with his fist. “ Do you play drums” I try to ask : no. Karaoke ? No. She say massage and point her finger in the direction of my room.. I smile but I say no. From her expression I can understand that she’s upset by my decision. She said in english “ I’m very good massage”, ok doesn’t matter. Her parents were upset to. Rooms are in a line. My window is open and I can see a car arrive and people going in a room. After 20 minutes the girls knocks on my window: she’s smiling and says “Massage massage” and went to the next room.

In the morning I saw this panel that let better understand the services of this guest house

dry in the sun (and on the road) rice and hay is a very common activity in this days

I need to ch’ange my dollars in dong, but along the Ho Chi Min Path you don’t find big cities, but in this I saw a bank. No bancomat, but doesn’t matter, I can change my cash dollar. The bank is close: at 11 am ? Strange. Ther’s another one: even this is close. Ohhh today is Saturday, banks are close. At one crossroad I saw a luxury car and in front a jewellery store. The owner is very nice and change my dollars in dong.

This farmer,, during a rest lend to me an hammock

my friend the rain. This time I take cover under a wodden shed used by some lumberjack

I arrive in Dong Hoi a little bit late. I’m not sure wher’s the centre city. Near a bar a girl says to me that she can offer to me a room at her home. So we go with my bike. After 20 minute of turn left and right finally we reach her home. The room is without windows, a bed with a very thin mattress and she ask to me 7 dollar: ok good bye baby. Driving along a big road I see some accomodation. “ guest house are full, but finally I found a hotel that will be the most luxury accomodation of my vacation: I got this shot in the morning.

By an incredibile interpretation I convinced the girl of the reception to reduce the price of the room: 6 $ (4,7€)instead of 8 $(6,2€).
The restaurant of the hotel is closed, but I had seen a little “restaurant” across the road. Very simple menù: just one course meal. Noodle. The owner asks to me as usual : “ An com ?” that means eat. It’s late, I’m tired and I don’t undertand the question. So, surprisingly he asks to me :”Essen ?” I can’t believe it: he speaks German. My memory of high school allow me to speak a basic German, enough to travel and so I could communicate with this man. He’s got even a good pronunciation...oh obviously I had to drink a toast.

before to go to sleep, I take a look at the hotel and….a room for the karaoke.

they are a family at the endo of a 4 days vacation. Vodka as rain and snack.

After the twentieth toast I began to spill the vodka in the fissures of the couch.

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