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Howdy All,

Please excuse my lack of attention to this ride report, things have been kinda busy around the Casa del Cob and building and shipping Ural skid plates has been occupying much of my time.

Having arrived late in the evening at Cooktown we found and arranged lodging at a hostel. This is where we were to stay for a couple of days.

Day twenty one of the ride about, would be spent arranging recovery of Jock's busted Yamaha, touring Cooktown and catching a bit of a rest. As Jock was finding a tow truck and arranging to retrieve the Yamaha Zac and I set out to see what we could see in Historic Cooktown. The first thing we did was find and ride up to the top of hill on which was built a lighthouse to guide ships into the harbor of Cooktown.

From this hill top the views of the surrounding area were quite spectacular.

Zac and the lighthouse

Cob being a tourist

On the way back down the hill and into Cooktown we came across this little foot trail, I couldn't resist and took a short ride.

Over looking the river that flows from the mountains to the sea.

Me and a Roo.

The tide was out when we visited the harbor.

An interesting story behind the cannon.

Zac and I do a bit of shopping, I got a new hat, some polarized sunglasses and a dog fix.

We stop for lunch.

I had a cold Coke and a really good chiledog.

Zac and I our touristing finished head back to the hostel to see how Jocks recovery mission has progressed. Jock had found a guy to go out and bring the bike back to Cooktown, he then arranged for the bike to be picked up in Cooktown and transported to his home MANY miles to the south. We spent the rest of the day just doing laundry and kickin back. Had a good dinner, some beers and hit the sack.

Day twenty two of the rideabout, started by rearranging the gear on the sidecar so Jock could sit comfortably, we gas up and head south toward Cairns.

Loaded with all of my gear, Jocks gear, Jock and myself the Ural was carrying quite a load, we pulled third gear going up a lot of the hills but we still averaged around 90-100kph. Jock snapped some photos from the tub as we rambled down the road.

We stop for gas, its getting late in the afternoon.

We ride along the coast for many miles.

Heres Jock.


That evening we stayed in Cairns, Zac and Jock talked and it was decided that Zac would leave us and continue on his own. Zac wanted to get away from us old coots and spend the last few days he had in Oz chasing girls and having fun in other ways. So this was the last evening the three of us would spent together, Zac would take the train south, Jock would ride the KLR and I would have the Ural to myself. Stay tuned, theres still more of the story to share.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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