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If you still have Kanister installed then either you are performing routine EVAP inspection and maintenance or you are preparing for trouble. EVAP with kanister requires extra service, parts and attention.

When was the last time that you removed the charcoal dust from the tank?
Cleaned, checked, replaced hoses?
Checked for condensate in Kanister?
Checked proper routing of hose?
Checked operation of purge valve?

Personally I leave EVAP on but perform the KKK by-pass. If this is a dealer serviced mc then you'll need to have the kanister renewed periodically along with regular tank cleanings. Most dealers don't want to do the latter.

Since most dealers don't want to service EVAP you have to decide if you will do it yourself or perform KKK or even Canisterectomy (not recommended- illegal, can be impounded at roadside DOT inspections)

Pre-KKK prep is a major service of the fuel prep/delivery system that prepares the tank for KKK.

KKK is also an illegal mod but one which is easily reversed and less likely to result in impoundment or state inspection failure then C-ectomy.

After kkk maintenance is lower. You can restore to contaminating your fuel fuels system with ultra fine charcoal dust in seconds whenever you wish.


The drawing below is not a substitute for verifying proper tank venting with the breath test. There is an assumption that one knows what to do with the vent terminus, however experience demonstrates a high level of confusion. The tube positions get switched all the time.

Breath test to verify tank venting, use the breath test, never compressed air.

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