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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
Watch it for a few minutes to check the time delays. Mine has a 2-step time delay before it shuts off fully (almost). My ignition signal comes from my bike (1200GS), which stays live for 90 seconds after key off. After that, the PDM60 has a 180 second delay before it shuts off. I have to watch my bike for nearly 5 minutes before the PDM60 shuts down.

BUT - after that, I still have one circuit (#3 - 5 amp) with the LED staying green. I'll have to check my wiring diagram to figure this one out.....

My battery will drain after a week or so if I don't connect to the tender. I expect these issues are tied together somehow.
True, those circuits all power down and change color as they should (except the ones in designated as always on) however, they still stay lit in their respective colors.

I was wondering about the power draw of these little LEDs...I had hoped the draw was negligible...
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