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Day 6
October 22, 2012
Port Kentucky

My other nephew, the crazy jeweler Josh in his Ė uh studio. It seems to work for him. He makes custom motorcycle charms, let me know if you want a custom made bike charm since holidays are near.

Josh made me what he called a Good Karma Anti Gremlin Charm. A geologist hammer, how raging is that? It may have worked, instead of 4 or 5 gremlin attacks maybe it could have been 10? The first gremlin has yet to strike. Look on the left side, hanging off the non working choke cable.

My sisters house in Flatwoods Kentucky, home of Billy Ray Cyrus. I ran track with Tom T. Hall's son and played football against Bill Ray. Ron Cyrus his Dad was a senator here for many years. He is one of many that have made a good living singing country music.
Out again riding in Kentucky on Jo Jo, very bad weather from Hurricane Andy is expected soon. This means I will be delayed at Momís house longer than planned. My later than planned departure played a critical role later. Could there be more storms in my future?

Day 7
October 23, 2012
Home Time

Tree in Momís yard.

My Dadís man castle and a great place to call port and sort out Jo Jo.

This is street I grew up on. A lot has changed in 40 years or so. Used to be a gravel road, farms and just a few homes.

My Dadís 1996 F-250 Power Stroke Ė mint.


Safety Third Ė Thanks Hayduke.

Mandatory decal.

Working on Jo Jo. Get rid of these OEM POS grips. On with the Renthal trials grip been riding with for 20 years. My nephews cutting, sawing and cursing grip glue. I have been using clear spray paint for a long time. A small dab of paint inside the grip and you got about 10 seconds to shove it on, line it up and position. Then when you remove the grips, use an air compressor and blow it off with elbow grease. Beats that factory devil bitch from hell glue.

Tools. I hope I took too many, I hope I donít need them for my 3K ride about. My hope was futile.

Maybe a little decadent, I know. But I felt like electronics were gonna be important. So I installed a dual outlet plug hard wired to my battery. I will always have the GPS on, it has itís merits but I roll with maps, GPS is just cool to have and plot as well averages, and other trip trivia. I have in my tank bag a hydro pack and a 120 watt inverter. I can charge my phone, iPod, camera battery, laptop, etc. while I ride. The best thing I purchased for @ $20 bucks was a controller for my iPod. With gloves on I can forward or reverse to music, volume control and pause. iPod stays inside my jacket and out of the way, easy to change music. There is a story later that involves this device and a crack whore motel in Arkansas. I just installed a GoPro mount if I want to film a section while I ride. Number plate bag holds lock, cable, flash light, a few basic things & handy tools and seemed to work well. Lastly, I have a very cheap throttle lock that works like a boss. Itís called a Throttle-R-Lock.

Tomorrow I cross the big Ohio River and explore both sides and take a few pictures. I also have my first video, Racing.

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