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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
I have the baffles under the front bearings.
That's a good point about leaving the input seal out.
Are the inner and outer races that close, so as to be able to take the shim measurement from the centre? I understand why measuring from the centre would be more accurate tho'

I have a donor cover plate to use for measuring the shims however I'm measuring some differences in depth. I've measured three or four places around each hole and have found differences of perhaps ten thou.
I'll need to re-asses and see if it is bearing movement that is giving me the differences, or cover plate thickness.

I've measured my tranny cover plate and the individual pockets (when measured in three different places) are within one thou. All good there.

If I don't use a gasket, would the Three Bond silicone that I use for barrel bases be suitable?
When I had to rebuild a Ducati 900 engine after Ducati quit using the paper gasket between crankcase halves, the thickness factor decreased from somehting like a .015" gasket crushed to .011" to NIL with the Threebond (or 1194 or the equivlant). I found that to be fairly accurate when I had to split and redo the crankcase a couple of times for various other reasons.

So for that kind of sealant applied properly (thin), I would use NIL as the thickness calculation.
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