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2nd day meets the Owyhee

After gas and lunch in McDermitt it was time to make my way to Warm Springs Creek on the Owyhee.

NE of town, things are good and burnt up. You can see a retardant drop on the hillside

Vid of some real rough road in a real fun canyon

Made my way to Jackson Creek Rd. Smooth squirrely gravel.

Turns to dirt after intersection with Pole Creek Rd

Burned up countryside

5 points - a terrible fence gate collection

Antelope Corral

The road in the distance is on the other side of another river crossing I've been wanting to do for a while

Did I say river? A creek.

Up the road on the other side

Road near Sacramento Hill. No remnant of vegetation left

The ol' trailer's in pretty poor condition

Looked like this the last time I was here

I didn't take a pic of it but the door was pried up from the bottom. I wondered if a firefighter tried to get in to make sure nobody was in there? Was probably just some thieving idiot.

Down into the Owyhee Canyon

Pic from August 2010

It took a while to get to the final crossing (there are several). I got, well, stuck, on a gravel bar. Portents of things to come.

Time to head up the road on the other side

And now its getting tough.
I put highway gearing on the bike, 15-45. That was in planning for a NW Cal mostly road trip I was going to do, and didn't. I figured I could make do with it out here, and I did mostly.

3 vids that tell a better story:

Gas dripping out of the airbox, the bike had a heck of a time staying running once I'd get it restarted

In fact, I had to remove the air filter entirely to make it up to the top. The filter got 1/2 soaked in gas. Once at the top I was really worried to see how dirty the air box was, but there was no need to worry. It was spotless inside. After all, the road was loose rocks on bedrock.

I really thought I was at risk of a heart attack I was breathing so hard, heart beating so hard I could feel it in my extremities.

I'd taken all the bags off the bike to reduce its load. I took the rear tire pressure down to 8psi (shoulda gone lower) to help with traction. And I slipped the clutch mercilessly. What a massive effort to get up that steep loose rock road.

Once at the top with the bike I had to hike back down to get my jacket, helmet, backpack, GL Coyote bag with tent, plus the air filter and cover. Again, coming back up with all that, I thought I was going to die. I had to drop half of it, get back to the bike, then go back down and get the other half of it all.
A neat side-benefit of the design of the GL bag: it goes over your shoulders like a yoke really nicely and is really well balanced for carrying that way. I wish I had a pic of all that.

There aren't any more pics from this day. I got to the top just before sunset and rode another 8-10 miles in the dark, doing the last Owyhee crossing in the dark, crossing to hit the Warm Spring Creek and camp for the night.

Pics from 2010, and what I'd hoped to see before dark:

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