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I have 2 DR's and an F800GS.

Solo, on the highway - speed limit of 110kph - there isn't much between them. The DR that has full RMZ suspension feels more like a dirt bike, the other DR feels more like a cruiser by direct comparison.

The F8 does seem to be a little "rev happy" with standard gearing. But from a handling view point it's pretty much somewhere between the 2 DR's.

Off road, the DRMZ, as I call it, rules. Think RMZ450 with a 650 lazy engine. It's great.

Then comes the ADV DR version. It's basically got similar travel suspension, and more like the F8's handling, but it's lighter than the F8.

If you want to put a pillion on, then the DR's just don't cut it. I ride the same trails on the F8 with a pillion as I do with the DRMZ solo. The only difference is the speed you run them at.

I have single tracked all of them, and yes, they are a handful. But after doing that if you jump onto something like a KTM300 2-stroke and go do some enduro style riding, you feel like an enduro god. I was amazed at just how hard I could push my crusty old busted ass on the 300. Visions of my 2-stroke MX youth came to the fore, and I was off in a cloud of synthetic 2-stroke smoke.

Different horses for different courses. You can do it on any of them, it just gets harder and slower as the bikes get bigger and you get older.

Tyre choices are where you win or lose with big bikes of road.
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