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The road to Vang Viang

I spent 5 days in Luang Prabang some of it meeting up with people and some of it resting up, last year I was non-stop riding and the fatigue was too much so this time I'm taking it easy, I had a good look around town but my favorites where the Mines Advisory Group MAG and the Tardsae Waterfall.

The UXO center run by MAG has a big display of all the different types of munitions used on Laos in the secret war, the bombing figures are mind bending and hard to get your head around especially because not many people know of the war.

Nou was my guide and showed me around.

An interesting afternoon, didn't know bombs came in so many different shapes and sizes, but the worst has to be the Anti-personnel mines Bombies as the locals call them and their still going of today.

The children think they are toys and when the find them they start chucking them around, I'm sure you can work out the rest.

That's a big bomb.

More on MAG as the trip goes on.

I got the bike's oil changed and decided to go and have a poke around outside town, found this great bamboo bridge.

I saw a sign for a waterfall so I thought I would have a look so I parked up and walked down to the river, on the way down I bought some Bananas when I turned round this dude was there.....made me jump.

They are so quiet on the move, beautiful beast.

Went down to river and got my ticket.

All the locals where pulling a heavy steel cable down to the river, I thought it was a scrap find.

Jumped on my boat and headed down the river, it was a nice cooling trip and very peaceful.

When I arrived it was busy, Elephants and Waterfalls everywhere, the falls look man made but they say they are natural, wish I had bought my trunks.

Back to the bike for me.

When I got back to the bike I realized what the cable was for, but what they where pulling I had no idea, so I waited around to watch.

What a monster, makes the Elephant look small, big Russian V8 6X6

They were pulling logs out of the river, how they found them I will never know the water is not so clear, locals ready with the chain saw.

I've seen enough and headed back to the Hotel, on the way back I saw these guys who looked like they were having problems, meet Chris and David from Australia

The local Mechanic was having problems.

I got involved and we were running in 20 mins, water in the plug cap which is no surprise as they had dropped the bike in the river what a day and night they had had. They invited me up for dinner as a thank you, lots of beer and a late night thanks guys I really enjoyed your company.

The next day I was getting ready for the of to Vang Viang, I had chosen a route that would take me past a Ls25 Phou Chai and old Lima site, so bright and early I set of down routes 13 and then took a small dirt track towards route 4 Via Muang Name, it's a fantastic route with dirt most of the way. I have this all on video and will try to get it edited when I can, this how my day looked as I headed for the mountains.

Another beautiful day.

190k's of dirt and mind blowing scenery.

Soon I was up in the clouds with very few people about.

The views where stunning, not much more I can say about this route other than if your in Laos you best come ride it.

It just got better and better, at 2000 meters it was amazing, so I stopped for lunch to take it in.

That's Ls 25 in the distance where the buildings are, I rode up there but the gate was locked.

It was great going up but coming down was just as good especially with the smooth Tarmac.They are working on this road so soon it will be Tarmac most of the way.

Just a magic day riding, time to find a hotel and sort a few bits on the bike out!.
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