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Originally Posted by mmytacist View Post
Wow... This is why I'll never sell my bike, even if I eventually purchase another. At 100K miles, I only now just replaced the stock shocks with aftermarket items. Never touched any of the rest of the items in this list. Only time the shop ever did maintenance on my bike was when I couldn't down shift from 2nd to 1st, and it ended up being some adjustment in the shift mechanism (thought it was going to be something deeper in the trans). I have no complaints about handling, performance or other issues. But this makes me feel like one day the damn thing will disintegrate underneath me on the freeway!
If it were mine the following routine wear items mentioned by mmytacist would be on my list:
clutch slave(check and lube bearing at minimum)
clutch hose
dump killer rubber brake hoses
standard lubrication/adjustments
clean, lube starter

I carry a spare HES and FD bearing/seal. Typically many of the high cost
repair parts like brake rotors, hoses, mcyl have all been done at 50-60k. Clutch slave seems to last 60k. Lower hose banjo prob rusted.

All mileage is by no means the same. Listen to and ride the beast before reaching any conclusions. Some will be tight at 80k others at 20k over-heated or abused. When considering a mc of this vintage actual documented condition is everything. Deferred maint items add up quick- worth paying $1k-2k for exceptionally well maintained.

Smooth shifting quiet gear box and wheels are always at the top of the list.
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