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Lithium batteries are great for cell phones, laptops, UPSs and other similar applications that require small size and light weight. I have a 12VDC Li battery powered drill that is terrific.

As for engine start batteries, I don't believe they are ready yet.

Also, a major LiFePo battery manufacturer just went out of business recently.

I was thinking about using Li batteries for starting my diesel motor home engine. In order to get similar capacity to the lead acid batteries used currently, I would need to spend over $700.00 on lithium batteries.

For engine starting and high capacity, lead-acid is still the best.

But, they sure are heavy and an environmental hazard.
rumors are A123 went through bankruptcy so Johnson controls could acquire A123 and continue to receive federal subsidies. which are tied to A123 building factories within America.

politicians will go along with anyone that builds factories in their district.

Please visit my LiFePO4 testing thread for details why. have posted this several times, but here goes again:

if your battery actually needs replacing. my recommendation are to go with AGM batteries for your motorcycle.

unless weight is of critical concern and you are really to throw $$$ at it. LiFePO4 motorcycle battery mfg are notorious at inflating amp hour ratings.

recommendation is 75% of actual amp hour rating of lead acid. so if your bike's lead acid battery is 12 amp hour. then 8amp hour LiFePO4 battery will be needed.

learning how to start your bike with LiFePO4 in cold weather is mandatory. yes procedures are different.

use caution when replacing any battery substantially smaller than OEM. mount battery equally secure as OEM. taking extra care to make sure positive side cannot ground out.

Lithium batteries discharge at HUGE rates. Dead shorts are suspected in bike fires resulting in total loss.

LiFePO4 batteries that use cables to attach instead of fixed posts require special caution. positive connections need enough insulation, to where grounding out is not possible. including in the event battery gets lose. dead shorts can result in temperatures hot enough to weld with.

Your lead/acid battery charger may or may not properly charge LiFePO4 batteries.

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