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Take half the crap and twice the money! Last time I was there I only allowed myself one bag for clothes n stuff. Filled the second one up with contraband along the way.

That said, I stuff extra tubes into the upper front fairings and have irons and a little manual pump with co2 under the seat. Also have a spare clutch slave, some carb orings, a bag of assorted bolts and nuts, tape, a few extra tools, zip ties, extra wire, some fuel line, a water pump kit, spare carb mains (had to use them too to lean it out at altitude), some tube patches, and most importantly a roll of tp in a ziplock.

Clutch slave and water pump are a bit overkill, but I had them on the shelf and said why not. Wouldn't buy them for the trip though, I'd have simply brought a slave oring, and maybe the seal and a bearing for the pump...maybe. Its not quite the end of the world there. Mechanic maestros and Vulcanizadoras are plenty and standard auto parts stuff like a fuel pump for instance aren't too hard to come by, especially once in Chihuahua. Also worst case, it seems there never is a problem finding a guy with a pickup.

Have fun. Don't get shot. Enjoy the Victoria. Don't be afraid to take the back road out of Batopillas towards Urique. The big 950 can make it.
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