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A GPS? Huh?
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My bike came with a Dyna III ignition seven years ago. I've put 65K miles on it since and don't know when a PO first mounted it. My guess is my Dyna III has around 80K on it and at least 10 years. No troubles. When I bought the bike, the black box module was mounted on the front frame down tube, right side. I got tired of looking at it about 30K miles ago and relocated it to the top of my newer nicely flat-topped voltage regulator under the tank. It fits nicely and with some velcro and zip ties, is pretty secure. I did notice just a bit of chafing under the tank so I relocated it a quarter inch and, to be sure, glued on a little inner tube patch to the underside of the tank. There's lots of speculation about how much "cooling" the Dyna boxes need. In my case, the under-tank location of the Dyna box has been trouble-free. Don't know if the boosters generate more or less heat than the ignition boxes, and would find it to be pretty entertaining if some airhead out there with severe OCD would conduct a thorough scientific analysis under all conditions. Thank you in advance.
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