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Simplified Wiring Harness Help, Please!

This little project is my future RTW bike. Frame/subframe from an RT. Main frame is reinforced with standard HPN fare. Engine and drivetrain are from a 93 R100gs. Front end is from a Yamaha. Top end is on it's way. The goal is to keep this bastard bike simple and light.

Next up is the wiring harness. I'd like to simplify it as much as possible. The plan is to separate the lighting from the ignition/charging system. The lighting/ instrument side will consist of a Tusk dual sport system adapted to fit this bike. I need help with the ignition/charging side. What's the simplest, bombproof wiring harness that I can put together using the parts from a standard R100gs.

I came across this diagram of a dual ignition system for mid 80's R100 engine adapted for ultralite use.

This dual ignition system is standard for aircraft but not needed for my application. If you subtract that piece, am I in the ballpark for something that might work?
I realize there are a few differences between the mid 80's BMW wiring harness and the one from a 93gs. If you have these kind of skills and are willing to help me out...I'm all ears. Thanks!
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