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Howdy RM, GREAT report I've been following for a LONG time, you've been at it for a long time!
You've kept a spread sheet How much has the trip cost to date?

I rode from San Diego to Alaska and up into Canada ( Inuvik ) in August. I tried keeping an expense log but it got too depressing with the high cost of everything, especially in CAN. I have my sights set on S.A. to complete the America's. So..... how much?? Gracias amigo!!

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Hola Matt....
Getting money and exchange is always a trick. You try to figure out how much you will need and cut it close so you do not have much at the border to re-exchange. I have been keeping fairly good track of my expenses with a spread sheet so I know that in Peru my daily rate was around $62 USD per day (I was on my own and getting single rooms with Bathrooms that added to my budget) and Bolivia was at $52 USD. This includes everything I spent including Visa's fee (big in Bolivia at $130USD, and bike parts, laundry, cerveza etc)

I use ATM's and once I arrive in a country, take out a chunk of what I will need for the country so that in small towns and villages I have money and do not have to always find an ATM. The other issue is many of the ATM's down here only give a small amount of money, like $100-$150 per transaction so you end up doing multiple withdrawals but that is how it works unless you find one that gives more!

I have noticed that you can get a better exchange rate sometimes on the street than the ATM, but for ease and hopefully to avoid getting counterfeit bills (which are certainly around down here).

Hope that answers your question. For a long trip it is hard to carry all the USD you will need so you end up paying the bank fee + international transaction fee of 3% of ATM withdrawals. I have an account that reverses my ATM fees so all I pay is the Int'l Fee.....
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