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Originally Posted by 02TAC View Post

1 - Fiat 500

2 - A power plant. Coal, solar, nuclear, whatever

3 - A place you would buy plants/trees for your yard, but not one of the big box stores.

4 - An observatory

5 - Something geological in your area that stands out.

Shall we make that game a wee bit global then!
I think I don't have to introduce myself, as almost all players here are also playing the global wild card tag..
I don't have much time to take pictures lately, as work is getting more and more and daylight's getting less and less.
Anyway, today was a great day - 5°C, but sunny and dry.
I only learned about the multi tag game last week (thanks to advNZer?'s comment) and I thought, I'd give t a try!

Here you go:

1. Fiat 500

2. Our power plant. Unfortunately that's as close as you can get.

3. That's where I would buy my trees - Jardinerie de St-Triphon

4. An observatory. That was a bit tricky. Not a big one - but it's definitely an observatory: Observatoire de Vérossaz

5. I think the Alps as such stand out. This is the Dent de Morcles, just around the corner, one of the trademark peaks of my region.

As this is my first post here, I'm waiting for approval!
Cheers, mates.
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