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Originally Posted by cjracer View Post
I don't feel that it's too restrictive.

If you are looking for ultimate HP, than yes, a 2-1 can be restrictive over a 2-2. Compared to a stock silencer setup, I feel an aftermarket 2-1 flows better than 2 stock silencers. For our trail use I only see maybe 1-2 HP loss at max RPM, but torque gained in the low end that is more helpful.

The carbon is less strong compared to stainless or titanium bodies for continuous pulses. I have also had several Aluminum bodied silencers of other brands fail b/c of this too.

You'll get more flow removing the quiet core, We have seen a 3-4 hp gain by removing that with proper jetting. I need the spark arrestor for our riding regulations in our area, so that stays in for us.

Unlined carbon cans don't tolerate the heat, either. That was primary in the cause of my failure. Many carbon cans now have SS liners inside to maintain some heat shield and solid rivet points for the caps.

I could watch composite resin in the center of the can slowly discolor. When the resin got too hot, it slowly vibrated out of the carbon cloth and all that was left was the carbon fabric, which folded...
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