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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
All Dual shock ad mono bikes have the same swingarm length. All of the shafts are interchangable. The paralever is about 4" (100mm) longer.

Grab a tape measure and go to a bike night. Measure the wheelbase of any modern 'dual sport' bike in the lot. You'll see that the BMW is anywhere from 4" to 8" shorter. Extending the swing arm does more for the smoothness of ride than increasing travel. It will also move the venter of gravity towards the front end, and you'll find the bike is a bit more balanced.

Just one man's opinion of course, but you can (and should) ride it with the standard rear end for 5K miles. just to see what its like.
right on. I went and measured some swing arms from the r80st and the later mono shock monolever r100rt and they are all the same. shock mounting point is different though! im assuming the three lug (monolever) rear end will bolt onto any monolever then? I get how to extend the swing arm, basically just cut it on a band saw and weld in more tube. how do you safely extend the driveshaft and at what point do I need to start worry about binding the ujoint?
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