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Originally Posted by josjor View Post
Sorry, guys. I'm just not getting the $2,500.00 and up Gibson love. I sell a lot of different brands of guitars, and no, I'm not a Gibson dealer. But I take them on trade or buy them from people all the time. I have to say it: You can get a better guitar from about 20 other manufacturers for half the price.

There was a time when Gibson actually gave a damn about quality. Maybe they still do on something. But the fit and finish on every modern day Gibson I've had through my shop was barely at or even below the standards I see from other manufacturers $500.00 guitars.

IMHO, Gibson is the Harley of guitars: Nothing really all that special, but for some completely unexplainable reason, people are willing to pay a premium price for a mediocre product.

Flame on.
There's a reason the Les Paul (and the Strat, Tele, etc.) are still with us and in demand after 50+ years: Nothing else sounds like them. Are there shitty sounding Gibson LPs? Absolutely. Are there great sounding LPs with excellent sustain being built today? Absolutely. Having said that, every guitar has it's own unique voice because every piece of wood is different and an LP is a blend of five pieces of wood and sometimes six (two-piece backs).

Some people buy $5000 used cars, some people buy $40,000 new cars and some people buy $200,000 cars. Does the $200,000 car deliver 40 times the performance of the used car? Hell no. But that's not the point.
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Even so I wouldn't sit there like a shag on a rock, waiting to be punched up the arse into next week by the next negligent drongo who happens to come along.
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