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Just about a year ago I was shopping for my birthday present. I had settled on trading in my 4 year old LP standard for a 58 Re-issue (R58). The biggest GC in the area had a huge LP sale that weekend so I went over there. They had scads of 58/59/60 re-issues but they were floor models that had been pawed and neglected for a few years. AND most did not come with certificates and/or OHSC. The best price for a 58 was $2995. I went to my local GC and got a 58 for $2495 and a decent trade in for my guitar. The salesperson at that GC told me the other store was famous for "losing" stuff in their warehouse. How can you lose a case??????
That's a really good deal. I know GC likes to play games with their guitars. The guitar is always priced at 15% lower then retail and the case is charged separably to bring it back to retail. That's a great deal though on a reissue. I'd like a R8. GC also has the GC Exclusive 1960 aka: G0 that's a good deal as well. MF now sells a exclusive 1960.

I've been tweaking my 2012 std. so much, I've lost the yearning for a R8. I'm wanting to change the knobs to reflectors, add some thumbcutters and Callaham's steel ABR1 bridge and tailstop. I've already added PIO .22uf caps and changed the pickups to Skatterbrane.

I think my next guitar might be a Custom. I don't really care for 490R and 495T though.
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