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Turkey Weekend Ridin'

Howdy Folks -

In short, I am planning November 23rd and 24th as ride days. We should meet up and ramble around southern Arizona.

I have a public holiday on Friday the 23rd, and she does not. That means I will pack up on the GSA in the morning and head out somewhere. She may hop on the back on the 24th, but sounds like her social plans will put her out of the mix. So, freedom is calling!

Super low key. Right now I am gauging interest. If folks are interested, we can hammer out details later.

If interest is present, I am thinking meeting somewhere along the interstate between 0700-0800 depending on the route discussed. I am game for any of the following, and of course open to suggestions! Actually, all of the rides that I will list I have already done, so something new would be fun!
  • Willow Srings to florence area
  • backside of lemmon (we could even go up the access road then back and over reddington)
  • Cascabel road to either benson or to muleshoe ranch via 3 links
  • ruby road
  • hershaw to montezuma pass (maybe blast over middlemarch road too)
  • lochiel area (not fond of the sand, but I did just get a steering stabilizer)

I am always down to explore new territory if one of your "favorite"/"go-to" rides is not in the list above.

If you're interested, reply and we can work something out. If not, guess I will jam solo and rely on the inReach in the event SHTF.



P.S. I am also searching for a riding partner(s) for an xmas rally to Baja. The other day I decided that was a great use of my two weeks' vacation. So, I will be venturing down there for the first time on the new GSA for the holidays.
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