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Well, I like Plexus better then Pledge on clear windscreens at least.
Just a little of Plexus goes a long way and it makes my windscreens look like new.
Plexus cleans up much easer and faster then Pledge.
I bought a can of Plexus 4 years ago.

I ride 2 or 3 times a week. I clean the windscreen on my Helmet before every ride. The windscreen on the bike is cleaned at least once a week

For removing bugs, I use Windex without ammonia and then polish the screen with Plexus.

For on the road: I carry a 2 oz spray bottle of Windex for cleaning. For polishing the screen I use a 2 oz bottle of Scott’s Anti-Fog/ Cleaner. Scotts’s works nearly as well as Plexus, but is not as easy to clean up.
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